The Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza has an interesting, almost polygonal front exterior that sets it apart and gives it its own unique signature look. Its curves come to sharp angles that frame the front fascia to create a menacingly impressive look. The Impreza has been a favorite amongst many Subaru enthusiasts because it has so much to offer, in a seemingly small package. For starters, optional features the Impreza offers to impress are a power moonroof, leather heated seats and mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity, voice activated navigation and a rear backup camera.

The Impreza also takes advantage of the Boxer engine, with pistons uniquely positioned so they move side to side, improving balance and efficiency while delivering maximum power. The Boxer engine's technique definitely works for the Impreza as it gets an impressive 37 mpg hwy and has a Partial Zero Emissions rating. Newer models of the Impreza can also be equipped with options such as Eyesight Driver Assist, which monitors if you sway outside your lane, symmetrical AWD, and a smart anti-lock braking system. As an added bonus, the Impreza also comes in a hatchback version, should you wish to go with the sporty 5-door alternative. With all of these features, you can be sure the Impreza will impress.