The Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima combines excitement with efficiency to create a vehicle that lets you pass the pump more often. It owes that to Nissan's innovative design work with making the body, chassis and engine lighter. You have the option of the super-efficient 4 cylinder engine which gets 38 mpg hwy or Nissan's popular 3.5L v6 engine that gives you plenty of boost, while still giving you 32 mpg hwy. The Altima will get you where you need to go, faster and more efficiently than you thought possible. The Altima also has fine-tuned suspension to give it refined handling as well as luxury car shock absorbers.

The Altima was designed to be aerodynamically and aesthetically superior with its chrome details, HID lights and a spacious, premium interior. Newer models offer you features such as Advanced Drive Assist Display, navigation, caller ID, push button start, and safety features such as rearview monitoring, lane departure warning, blind spot assist, tire pressure monitoring and smart auto headlights. The Altima provides you with a stunning driving experience that you'd expect from the luxury vehicles without the luxury price tag.