The Buick Regal

The Buick Regal is a vehicle that shouts luxury. The interior and exterior have smooth curves and contours that mimic that of a luxury sports car but without the luxury price tag. The interior design is roomy with a comfortable dash design that's easy on the eyes.

The Regal lives up to its name in terms of style but it isn't just about the looks though. Buick has always been on top of the game in terms of technology. Newer models of the Regal have optional features such as OnStar 4G LTE capability with Wi-Fi hotspot, Buick IntelliLink which connects you with your contacts, MP3s, and destinations as well as passive entry which unlocks your Regal without the need for a key. Other features such as navigation, a Bose 9 speaker sound system and push button start are also available. The Regal also appeals to performance enthusiasts with newer GS models including an interactive drive control. This features buttons for Standard, Sport or GS mode and each one controls suspension and steering settings depending on what you select. Fuel efficiency is also addressed with the Regal's Innovative eAssist engine technology, giving the Regal 36 mpg hwy. So the Regal beckons you to take it for a drive, while going easy on the gas.

With a 5 star safety rating, Buick doesn't ignore that driving a safe vehicle is important. Newer models of the Regal include safety features such as blind zone alert, rearview backup assist, lane departure warning, and forward collision alert which senses a possible frontal crash and alerts you. In conclusion, the Regal promises a smooth, luxurious drive that's sure to leave a lasting impression.