The Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester excels in bridging the gap between fuel efficiency and being a larger vehicle with a lot of flexible storage space. The Forester comes loaded with optional features such as Eyesight Driver Assist, Starlink (which lets you use various apps such as Pandora) with voice control features, a rear power gate, voice activated navigation, a convenient mini screen that reads useful info like temperature, trip information and gas, and x-mode which adjusts the engine during various weather conditions to maximize vehicle control.

The Forester utilizes Subaru's intelligent Boxer engine which has the pistons move side to side rather than up and down, to cancel vibrations and run smoother and efficient. For some extra boost, you can get the optional turbo 250 hp engine and choose between different driving modes that tailor to your driving preferences with the opportunity to get up to 32 mpg hwy. The 60/40 flexible storage gives you plenty of room for your heavy shopping trips. With the Forester's bold exterior and optional HID lights, the Forester is fully equipped to command the road.