Oil Change Fort Wayne, IN

Time For An Oil Change?


The engine oil change… a simple service that’s not so simple anymore!    Did you know that not all oils are the same?  Even between oils with identical API (American Petroleum Institute) ratings?  Did you know that some oils should never be used in newer cars and trucks?  Or that for many new cars the only oil you can use is full synthetic?

          Every car manufacturer has very specific oil requirements for every engine and there are many oils on the market today that fall short of manufacturer’s requirements.  At O’Daniel’s we only use the highest quality Valvoline or Mobil motor oils designed and certified for use in your car or truck.

          Our mission is to help you minimize inconvenience and expense while maximizing your years of trouble free ownership.  We pledge to only use the right oil for your car and we pledge to perform a free inspection for you each and every time you come in for service.   We promise to keep you fully informed by sharing the results of each inspection with a “State of Health” report at each visit to help you manage your vehicle upkeep and make budgeting upcoming services easy.

          Getting your oil changed is easy… finding a service team devoted to keeping you on the road… driving more miles for less money… now that’s The O’Daniel Difference!